2024-2025 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog

Special Studies

With the help of an academic advisor, an undergraduate student may design a major to fit his or her own interests and needs. A special studies major must consist of 36-42 credits if a conventional minor is taken, or 54-60 credits if no minor is taken. At least half of the program must consist of 300- or 400-level courses. A proposal for a special studies major will only be considered when it is clearly shown that no present major offered by the University meets the same need. The major will consist of existing courses and all academic requirements of the University, including all course requirements and prerequisites. All special studies programs total a minimum of 120 credits.

To be eligible for such a special studies major leading to a BS or BA degree, the student must be in good standing. The application must be approved by a faculty advisor, chairs of departments from which there are three or more courses in the major and the dean of the school of the advisor. Applications normally should be filed prior to the completion of 60 credits. The student must have completed at least 12 credits at CCSU or have transferred at least 30 credits prior to filing.

Approval of special studies majors is by a majority of a committee composed of the chair of the Curriculum Committee; the chairs of the Departments of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Business, Education and Professional Studies, and Engineering and Technology subcommittees; and the dean of the Carol A. Ammon College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences or his or her representative. Information about special studies programs in all four schools is available in the office of the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

Applications are reviewed once each semester; the deadlines are October 1 for fall and March 1 for spring. Completed applications, including signatures, must be submitted to the Dean's Office, Carol A. Ammon College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, by this date.

Download application (Word) here.