2024-2025 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog

English, B.A.

A minor is required with this major.

Requirements: (42 credits)

18 credits as follow:

ENG 298Introduction to Literary Studies


ENG 398Topics in Literary Theory and Research


200-level literature classes--12 credits--as follows:

All majors must take 12 credits at the 200-level. Students must complete three of the four survey courses in the British and American traditions (205, 206, 210, and 211). For the fourth course, students may take the remaining British or American survey or any other 200-level literature course, excluding ENG 298.

and three credits from the following:

LING 200Introduction to Linguistics


LING 230The Study of Language


LING 400/LING 500Linguistic Analysis


LING 430/LING 530Topics in Applied Linguistics


LING 431/LING 531The History of the English Language


In addition, 24 credits on the 300-400 level as follows:

  • 6 credits in British literature, at least one in a period preceding 1798 and at least one in a period following 1798;
  • 6 credits in American literature, one in a period preceding 1865 and one in a period following 1865;
  • 3 credits in world literature; and
  • 9 credits of 300/400-level electives drawn from English literature or film courses or selected writing courses (WRT 372, WRT 374, WRT 375, WRT 401, only one writing course may be used as an elective). ENG 220 may be used to satisfy the British pre-1798 requirement or as one of the literature electives.

Students' 24 credits in 300/400 level courses must include at least nine credits in literature courses at the 300 level and at least six credits in literature courses at the 400 level.

All variable-topic courses (ENG 348, ENG 358, ENG 388, ENG 448, ENG 458, ENG 449, and ENG 488) may be taken twice under different topics. Further substitutions within area requirements are permitted only with prior approval of the advisor and the department chair.

*Depending on its topic, ENG 398 may count as one of the 300-400 level required or elective literature courses.

Accelerate Central B.A. / M.A. English Program


The Accelerate Central Program gives eligible, full-time English majors the opportunity to complete a B.A. and M.A. in English in as few as 5 years.  Two graduate courses will double-count as 300-level undergraduate courses for a total of 6 credits double-counted.  In addition, up to two graduate courses may be taken before matriculation as a graduate student; these 2 courses will be excluded from the student’s B.A. program and transferred into the student’s M.A. program.

Students who successfully complete this program will earn both degrees in 144 credits total, versus the 150 credits required to complete both degrees separately, a savings of both time and money.   

At the time of application, students must have met the following criteria to be eligible: 

  1. Have completed 60 or more credit hours, at least 12 of which must have been earned at CCSU, including at least 6 credits of ENG courses, one of which must be ENG 398 passed with a B or better.
  2. Have at least a 3.3 cumulative grade point average.
  3. Have at least a 3.3 grade point average in English courses.


Note: After acceptance, students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average to remain in the Accelerate Central program.

How to Apply

Students will submit Change of Major form and the following additional materials to their undergraduate advisor by February 10th of their junior year:

  1. A letter of application detailing reasons for wishing to pursue graduate study in English that also provides the names of two professors from the English department at CCSU who could serve as references to the Director of Graduate Studies.
  2. A writing sample of 7-10 pages showcasing the applicant's strongest analytical or critical writing about literature. Work written for previous courses is acceptable (indeed encouraged), but "creative" pieces (poetry, fiction, or memoir) are not appropriate.


The documents will go through the proper parties for review and approval, including the Graduate Program Director. Once the form has been approved by all required parties, the Registrar’s Office will change the student’s undergraduate curriculum to note the Accelerate Central program.


Material should be sent to the Director of Graduate Studies in the English Department, whose contact information can be obtained by sending a query to englishmailbox@ccsu.edu.


Total Credit Hours: 42