2024-2025 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog

Incomplete Grades

A grade of Incomplete may be recorded at the discretion of the instructor when a student, for circumstances which cannot be controlled, is unable to complete the requirements of a course in which he or she is registered during the current semester or session.

The student who receives a grade of Incomplete will be responsible for assuring that all course requirements are completed within one calendar year of issuance, or sooner if required by the instructor. A grade of Incomplete which has not been changed by the instructor within the year allowed for course completion will become an F (failure) automatically.

This latter policy does not refer to grades of Incomplete received for capstone theses or special projects. However, students must register for CREG 001 in each semester they maintain an incomplete in a capstone thesis or special project. Letters will be sent to students who do not register for CREG 001 each semester; failure to register and pay the associated fee will result in being withdrawn from the program. Students who are withdrawn will then have to re-enroll and pay a $50 re-enrollment fee.