2024-2025 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog

MUS 316 Instrumental Music Methods

Organization, aims, methods, and supervision of school instrumental programs and instrumental organizations. Discussion of special problems of instrumental conducting and the selecting of instrumental materials and repertoire appropriate for students in grades 4-12. Field experience required (20 hours). In accordance with CT law, districts may require criminal background and/or DCF child abuse and neglect registry checks to participate in the field experiences in this class.  Students are required to follow the background check policies of the district in which they are placed and are responsible for all associated fees.  CCSU is not responsible for district policies.    




MUS 101 (C- or higher) and MUS 310 (C or higher), and admission to the professional program in Music Education.


MUS 311, SPED 315 and EDSC 425.

General Education


  • Spring