ME 557 Turbomachinery

Dimensionless parameters such as similarity theory and Cordier diagrams. Impellers and specific speed. Performance maps. Basic principles such as Euler transport theorem. Conservation Laws in integral form. Entropy generation, work loss and efficiency. Basic energy transactions in turbomachines such as expansion, diffusion and energy extraction/addition. Torque and power. Pumps including incompressible flow and centrifugal pumps. Cavitation. Centrifugal compressors including components, operational principle, velocity triangles, design aspects. Stage design and losses of axial compressors, axial gas turbines, and axial steam turbines; steam turbines, impulse stage and reaction stages. Hydro turbines such as Pelton, Francis and Kaplan runners and their efficiency. Aerodynamics and power coefficient of wind turbines.




Admission to the MSME program, or permission of Engineering Department chair.

General Education


  • Fall