LTN 250 Latina Identity and Empowerment

This course focuses on Latina identity construction and social practices that can foster empowerment among Latino/a communities. The epistemological approach encourages students to assess course material and their own experiences from a critical viewpoint that seeks truth and knowledge (about Latinas and empowerment strategies). Thus, the knowledge gained through course material will seek to be justified through research and through experiences with Latinas and community organizations. Topics that will be covered throughout the semester will revolve around the Latina population and include some of the following: sexuality, sexual behavior, youth and adolescence, portrayal in mass media, immigration, family, culture and the arts, music, the construction of identity, education, body image, work and globalization, and dance.



Cross Listed Courses

Cross-listed with SOC 250. No credit for this course if you have credit for the cross-listed equivalent.

General Education

  • Study Area II


  • Fall
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