2021-2022 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog

Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Preparation in French, Italian, and Spanish For Secondary Education



Students seeking certification to teach a foreign language must:

•           apply to the Graduate Admission Office as a non-degree graduate student seeking certification. Once accepted to the School of Graduate Studies, determination is made for a plan of study;

•           have an interview with the departmental committee to assess oral competency and gain acceptance into Professional Program; recommendations are made by committee to the School of Education and Professional Studies;

•           complete the equivalent of an undergraduate major (36 credits), professional core requirements and student teaching block. Students with insufficient undergraduate preparation must make up deficiencies by taking additional courses as required by the Department. To fulfill the language requirements, students may take the ACTFL OPI and WPT to receive up to 24 credits in the target language, depending on ratings obtained in each of these tests. Credits are awarded for the following courses:

-           Advanced-High or higher = 24 credits corresponding to FR/ITAL/SPAN 111, 112, 125, 126, 225, 226, 335 and 336.

-           Advanced-Mid= 21 credits corresponding to FR/ITAL/SPAN 111, 112, 125, 126, 225, 226 and 335.

-           Advanced-Low = 18 credits corresponding to FR/ITAL/SPAN 111, 112, 125, 126, 225 and 226.

•           When the ratings of the two tests differ, the lowest will be considered.

•           Students will complete the remaining 12 credits by taking literature and culture courses as stated in the program requirements.