2016-2017 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog

Graduate Academic Policies and Requirements

The academic policies and degree requirements for graduate students at Central Connecticut State University are governed by the University faculty, and administered by the dean of the School of Graduate Studies. The Graduate Studies Committee, composed of faculty and graduate students who represent the graduate programs at Central Connecticut State University, reviews graduate curriculum and proposes policies affecting graduate students and programs that then need approval by the Faculty Senate. The Graduate Studies Committee also hears appeals related to student academic/performance matters.

The sections summarize graduate academic policies of the University. All graduate students are urged to become familiar with these policies and to follow them when making decisions about their graduate studies at Central Connecticut State University. The School of Graduate Studies Handbook, available in the Office of the School of Graduate Studies (Barnard Hall 102) and at the graduate website, also details all policies related to graduate students and programs. Advisors are assigned to assist in planning the academic program, but they are not authorized to change established policy of the University. Advisors and students are responsible for ensuring that the academic program complies with the policies of the University.