2014-2015 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog

International and Area Studies, B.A.

International and Area Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to build student expertise in particular world regions and/or about diverse international issues including globalization; global population, migration and health; international conflict, terrorism, governance and law; imperialism, decolonization and development; and the role of gender, race, and class in international contexts.

A BA or MS degree in International and Area Studies prepares students for a range of career possibilities in government, in foundations and NGOs, and in the wide range of institutions offering services transnationally or otherwise working in global environments.

Core Curriculum

Required Courses:

IS 225The World as a Total System


IS 475International Studies Senior Project


one research course from the following:

ANTH 374Field Research Methods


HIST 301The Historical Imagination


and two from the following:

GEOG 120World Regional Geography


HIST 122World Civilization II


PS 104The World's Political Systems


Total Credit Hours: 15

Regional Specialization:

Courses in the language, literature, and social or behavioral science of a particular world region selected in consultation with a faculty advisor. Regions include:

  • African Studies
  • East Asian Studies
  • European Union/West European Studies
  • Latin American Studies
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Russian Studies
  • Slavic/East European Studies

Total Credit Hours: 15

Modern Language:

Courses in a single modern language or demonstration of competency in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding of a single modern language equal to completion of the 226 level, as determined by a CCSU instructor of the language and/or the chair of the Department of Modern Languages.

Total Credit Hours: 18

Directed Electives:

Courses in either the regional specialization or a related area, or those designated international, or those labeled international studies; selected in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Total Credit Hours: 9

Structured International or Multicultural Experience:

At least one semester of faculty-supervised, in-depth exposure to another way of life.

Note: Students will be encouraged to select a regional specialization coinciding with existing CCSU area studies programs, although a specialization from other world regions may be selected if desired and courses are available.

The modern language selected must be related to the regional specialization.

Students who complete the modern language component with fewer than 18 credits must take additional courses, in either the regional specialization and/or directed electives, selected in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Ideally, international studies majors will spend one academic year abroad. As an alternative, international studies faculty will assist students to develop a local multicultural experience related to the student's academic track or regional specialization.

A minor is not required for this major.

Total Credit Hours: 57