Art Minor for Graphic/Information Design Majors

The Minor in Art for Graphic/Information Design Majors addresses the fact that  Graphic/Information Design Majors are required to take 9 credits in Art  as part of their major: Art 130 Drawing I, Art 224 Illustration I, and Art 110 Introduction to Art History. The nine credits required in the proposed Art Minor for  Graphic/Information Design Majors  are selected for their relevance to the Graphic/Information Design Major's studies. The additional 9 credits are selected on an individual basis to address the interests of the student, whether it be 3-D (Ceramics or Sculpture), Video, Animation or Illustration, Curatorship or Art History. Passing Portfolio Review will be required to take 300,or 400 level Studio courses.

Art is a popular Minor for Graphic/ Information Design Majors. This proposal strengthens the ongoing interdisciplinary relationship of Art and Design Departments

 Proposed Minor in Art for Graphic/ Information Design Majors 18 credits 

Art 230 Drawing II, or Art 252 Painting I, or Art 250 Watercolor I

Art 247 Photography I

Art 216 Modern Art

9 Additional Credits in consultation with Art Minor Advisor to equal 18 credits