Undergraduate General Education Program

General Education Objectives

 Why is there a General Education program?

        General education pushes students beyond the limits to their major to explore a broad range of courses.  Whereas the major ensures that students are well educated in one specific discipline, the general education program ensures that students become broadly educated citizens--aesthetic discernment, empathy, curiosity, and rational thinking--this broad and varied education provides students a foundation on which to build their intellectual, personal, civic, social, and cultural lives during their undergraduate years and beyond.


What is included in the General Education program?

       As a regional, comprehensive, public university, CCSU is proud to offer to our students the study of the liberal arts that has for centuries been the hallmark of excellence in higher education.  Students complete their general education by taking courses that provide instruction in both the current state of knowledge in the traditional academic domains--divided into the arts and humanities, the natural sciences including mathematics, and the social and behavioral sciences--as well as the current methodologies for advancing knowledge in these domains.


How does the General education program benefit students?

       A college education provides intellectual enrichment that prepares students for both lives and careers that will seldom follow a single consistent trajectory.  The flexibility engendered by general education enables students to respond to a rapidly changing world.  Multiple surveys of those who employ CCSU graduates indicate that employers value not simply students with specific vocational training, but students with a broad knowledge base who are agile thinkers, effective communicators, and independent learners--a profile long associated with the kind of breadth provided by a general education program.

Note #1: A maximum of 8 credits in the study area portion and a maximum of 8 credits in the skill area portion of the general education program may be fulfilled by major and/or minor courses that are designated as applicable to general education, with no more than 8 credits total from any one field of study.

Note #2: Those students who have been admitted to the CCSU Honors Program will fulfill many of their General Education requirements through the Honors Program curriculum. For further information on the Program, see www.ccsu.edu/honors.

Note #3: When appropriate to subject matter, methodology, and class size, all courses designated for general education, in particular courses in literature, philosophy, the humanities, history, and the social and behavioral sciences, will require writing, including assigned papers and essay examinations.