Athletic Training Retention Policy

Once admitted to the professional program in Athletic Training, the following requirements must be maintained in order to remain in "Good Standing" within the Athletic Training Education Program.

    1. Maintain a University cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.50.

    2. Maintain a Departmental grade point average (GPA) of 2.70.

    3. Successfully demonstrate required clinical skill proficiencies in EXS 218, EXS 240, EXS 315, EXS 317, EXS 316, EXS 319, EXS 445.

    4. Maintain current State of Connecticut or National Registry EMT-B Certification or higher throughout EXS 315, EXS 316, EXS 319, EXS 445.

If a candidate drops below the required GPA levels; and/or fails to complete the skill competencies; and/or fails to maintain EMT certification, he or she may be denied enrollment to professional program courses, practicum courses and

internship assignments until the GPA and/or competencies reach the appropriate level; and/or EMT certification is valid.

Candidates who fail to meet the GPA requirement needed for application to the professional program for two consecutive semesters after completing EXS 217 will no longer be allowed to apply to the Athletic Training Professional Program. 

Please Note: Revisions to the athletic training education program may occur in order to maintain compliance with national accreditation standards.  Students should check with the program director and/or the CCSU athletic training education

website regarding the possibility of new requirements. Physical Education and Human Performance