The Grading System

Central Connecticut State University uses the letter grading system as follows: A, superior; B, above average; C, average; D, passing but below average; and F, failure. A grade of incomplete (INC) may be recorded, at the discretion of the instructor, for a course in which a student, because of circumstances beyond his or her control, has not completed certain work or has been absent from the final examination. A grade of NR (not recorded by instructor) will be entered if grades are not submitted in a timely manner. For undergraduate students, an INC or an NR not changed to another grade by the instructor within the first eight weeks of the subsequent major semester will be changed to an F. Responsibility for removing an INC or an NR within this time limit rests with the student. Additional grades used at CCSU include: AU Audit (no credit) INC Incomplete IP In Progress (Doctoral) NC Satisfactory completion of a non-credit course S Satisfactory performance in a non-credit course TR Transfer credit U Unsatisfactory performance in a non-credit course W Withdrawal. An FN is a failing grade given to students who have no record of attendance and no record of academic participation for a course. It is treated as an F for GPA calculations.