Course Repeat Grading Policy

Students may repeat any course during their tenure at CCSU. The total number of credits that students may repeat, however, is limited to 17 credits, and no course may be repeated more than once without approval of the chair of the department offering the course. The most recent course grade and credit will be applied to the GPA and degree requirements. All grades will appear on the student's transcript. This policy applies to undergraduate students for courses repeated at CCSU beginning with the Fall 2003 semester. Some academic departments may require students to retake certain prerequisite courses if there is an extended time lapse between the completion of that prerequisite course and enrollment in subsequent courses. Students should check with the individual departments for time limits on prerequisite courses. Students who must retake prerequisite courses have two options:

  1. Students may retake the course and replace their previous grade. Credits for the retake will be applied against the limit of 17 authorized repeat credits.
  2. Students may audit the course and retain the existing grade. The 17 authorized repeat credits will not be affected. Students taking this option should be aware that individual academic departments might place special requirements on the auditing of courses. Students must complete an audit request form within the required time frame at the beginning of the semester in which a course is audited.

Note: Repeating courses taken in a previous semester may affect certain federal and state benefits, various financial aid programs, loans, scholarships, and social security benefits, in addition to athletic eligibility and veteran's benefits. Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements must be met for continued financial aid eligibility. See Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Note: Education majors and post baccalaureate certification students should refer to the course repeat policy listed in the School of Education and Professional Studies .