Academic Probation/Academic Dismissal

At the end of their first semester with less than a GPA of 2.00, all students (first-year/first-time, continuing, or transfer) will receive a probation letter informing them of the dismissal/probation policy and of an academic intervention. At the end of the next semester, all students on probation still having less than a 2.00 will receive notice of academic dismissal. Those students may petition for academic probation due to extenuating circumstances by contacting the office of their academic dean. Students who are denied probation will be dismissed. Following dismissal, a student must normally wait at least one semester before being considered for reinstatement.

Only courses taken at Central Connecticut State University, including summer session and winter session courses, are included in calculating the student's cumulative GPA. Courses taken at other institutions are not included in the student's Central Connecticut State University GPA. However, transfer credits accepted at CCSU will count toward the total number of credits attempted for purposes of academic standing. An academically dismissed student may enroll through the Office of the Registrar as a non-matriculated student and seek to bring the cumulative grade-point average back to the good-standing level. Also, an academically dismissed student may petition the academic dean of their major for reinstatement. After re-attaining good standing, as a result of work as a non-matriculated student, a student may request readmission to Central Connecticut State University as a matriculated student. Consultation with the Office of Admissions concerning deadlines for reactivation is advised.