Conditional Acceptance Policy

An applicant for a Master Program who does not meet undergraduate or graduate GPA standards for regular admission but has an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.40 (some programs require a minimum 2.70) may be considered for conditional admission when the department of application has agreed in advance to make this option available to prospective students. The conditional admission program is an arrangement that allows students to demonstrate the ability to perform successfully in a graduate degree program. The conditional admission plan is available only in a limited number of fields by departmental agreement and does not apply to teacher certificate areas. Students admitted conditionally, where appropriate, are notified of pre-admission requirements.

A student who has been conditionally accepted into a graduate program will be given only one opportunity to fulfill all conditions. If conditions are not met, the student will receive a letter of dismissal from the dean, School of Graduate Studies. A second attempt may be granted by the department and the dean of the School of Graduate Studies in exceptional circumstances; however, no student will be granted more than two opportunities to fulfill any conditions.