SOC 441 Sociology of the Aging Body

This course uses a life-course and postmodern perspective to explore the social construction of the aging body in society.  The course begins with a look at the historical portrayal and social construction of the aging body over time.  It then examines postmodern perspectives of the aging body related to culture and consumerism, medicalization of the aging body, cosmetic surgery, and media exposure of the aging body.  Last, the course explores how physical appearance, manner of dress, and self-perceptions of body image change over the life course, and how these changes impact the elderly’s interaction with society.  



Cross Listed Courses

Cross-listed with GERO 590 which is this same course and which is new and not yet in existence. It is being created for the new gerontology certificate program. It will simultaneously be a new course addition for sociology at the 400 level. It is 4 credits for SOC 441. It is 4 credits for GERO 590.


SOC 110 for SOC 441. Entry into Gerontology graduate certificate program for GERO 590

General Education


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