EDEC 300 Curriculum and Instruction in Early Childhood for Diverse Learners

Focuses on knowledge, skills and attitudes to effectively organize and implement content and skills for infant/toddler and young children, especially English language learners and children with exceptionalities, in the classroom as well as federally and/or state funded programs. Curriculum models and underlying theories will be explored and utilized in designing infant/toddler and preschool/kindergarten curriculum. Emphasis is placed on applying principles of developmentally appropriate practice for infant/toddler and young children.  A combined total of 100 fieldwork hours in EDEC 300, SPED 321, EDEC 304 and EDEC 309. Fieldwork placement will be scheduled three times a week (Monday through Friday), 8:00AM-12:00PM, in a preschool and/or infant/toddler setting. NOTE: Candidate must pass the field experience requirements in order to pass the course. CT law requires fingerprinting and a criminal background check for the field experiences in this class. Fingerprinting must be completed prior to the beginning of class. 




EDEC 204, EDEC 205, EDT 201 and EDEC 206.Taken concurrently with SPED 321, EDEC 304 and EDEC 309. Candidates must complete IT Module 3, and Infant/Toddler Mental Health Modules 1 & 2.

General Education


  • Spring
  • Summer