EDEC 202 Child, Family, and the Community I

Overview of the diverse needs of young children, birth through 5, within the context of family, school, community, and society. Candidates examine the interplay of contemporary family living and cultural patterns on the young child’s social, emotional, and mental development in relationship with family, school, community, and society. Candidates gain an understanding of their professional role in supporting evidence-based practices that strengthen positive, respectful, collaborative family/child partnerships through effective use of community and family resources. A combined total of 60 fieldwork hours in EDEC 201, SPED 301, EDEC 202 and EDEC 203. Fieldwork placement will be scheduled twice a week (Monday through Friday), 8:00AM-12:00PM, in a preschool and/or infant/toddler setting. NOTE: Candidate must pass the field experience requirements in order to pass the course. CT law requires finggerprinting and a criminal background check for the field experiences in this class. Fingerprinting must be completed prior to the beginning of class.




EDEC 103, EDT 101 and EDEC 104. Taken concurrently with EDEC 201, SPED 301 and EDEC 203. Candidates must complete IT Module 2.

General Education


  • Summer
  • Fall