EDEC 103 Health, Safety & Nutrition for Young Children

An overview of the health, safety and nutritional needs of young children. Content includes early childhood practices to ensure health and well being of each child, the roles and responsibilities of adults in meeting young children’s diverse needs, habits and practices that promote and sustain a healthy lifestyle, common childhood illnesses and injuries, health, nutrition and safety standards, and planning nutritious meals that are appropriate for each child. A combined total of 45 hours of fieldwork in EDEC 103, EDT 101 and EDEC 104. Fieldwork placement will be scheduled once a week (Monday through Friday), 8:00AM-12:00PM, in a preschool and/or infant/toddler setting. NOTE: Candidate who fails the field experience requirements also will fail the course. CT law requires fingerprinting and a criminal background check for the field experiences in this class. Fingerprinting must be completed prior to the beginning of class.




PSY 236, EDEC 101, EDEC 102 and EDEC 105. Candidates must have completed IT Module 1. Taken concurrently with EDT 101 and EDEC 104.

General Education


  • Spring
  • Summer