CRM 472 “Cults” and Conspiracies: From Belief to Destructive Action

This is a hybrid course.  About 60% of the course will be on-ground, with the remainder online or self-directed.  This course explores beliefs in conspiracy theories as well as membership in “cult” groups.  We will analyze how these beliefs and affiliations are established and maintained and how some individuals come to take destructive action in response to those beliefs.  Individually, and in relationship to each other, conspiracy theories and cults will be explored from the perspective of psychology and criminology.  In addition to the text and reserve readings, students will watch eight documentary films available online and/or through the library reserve room




CRM 230, CRM 231, CRM 238, CRM 260, CRM 260, and CRM 322 (each completed with a C- or better)

General Education


  • Fall and Spring