Modern Languages

Department Overview

The Department of Modern Languages offers a wide variety of language, culture, and literature courses that not only provide students with an aesthetic appreciation of the representative languages but also give them a better understanding of self, of other cultures, and of the complexities of human nature. Our overall goal is to prepare students to communicate beyond their native language and to participate effectively and successfully in the modern world.

Language Placement Examination

Every student must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language equivalent to completion of one year of college-level study as part of general education.

The Department of Modern Languages tests achievement levels in Italian by appointment. Testing for French, German, and Spanish proficiency is done by appointment in The Learning Center, located in Copernicus. Students with skills in languages other than those listed above should arrange with the Department of Modern Languages for verification of their level of proficiency. These examinations serve for both exemption and placement. All students, including native speakers, with two years or fewer of previous foreign language study must take the exams.

Students with three or more years of successful secondary language study in one language are automatically exempt from further required coursework; they should take the exam if they expect to continue study in that language.

To register for an elementary language course, numbered 111 or 118, students may have no more than one year previous study of that language.

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