Design (Graphic/Information)

Department Overview

The BA degree in graphic/information design provides professional studies in the areas of graphic design, website design, interactive multimedia design, information design and digital, and 3-D imaging.

The department provides an academic structure for the advancement of graphic and information design instruction and degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The Department of Design (Graphic/Information) is separate from the Departments of Art and of Computer Electronics and Graphics Technology. The faculty and staff are comprised of members with academic background and professional experience in graphic design, fine art, advertising, illustration, information design, communications, marketing, computer science, 3-D imaging, website design, and interactive multimedia design. The department maintains a state-of-the-art print center and laboratories. Upper-level students may be selected (by portfolio) for participation in the following:

  • Design Internship experience with graphic design, advertising, publishing, website or multimedia design companies;
  • Central Design, student operated full service graphic design studio; and
  • International Design Student Exchange.

Graduates of the department are highly successful, working as designers and art directors with nationally known graphic design firms, advertising agencies, corporate design and communication departments, broadcasters, publishers, and website design houses, as well as multimedia and 3-D/animation studios.

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Academic Programs

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