Full Time Matriculation (FT) Course Load and Credits

A student who has been accepted to a graduate program through the School of Graduate Studies/Graduate Recruitment and Admissions is considered a matriculated student. A graduate student who registers for nine credits or more is considered a full-time student for tuition purposes.

Full-time graduate students are charged the tuition and fees established by Connecticut State University. New students receive information on their acceptance letters and register online through CentralPipeline or in the Registrar’s Office. Continuing full-time students receive information by email about registration and related procedures conducted by the University Registrar.

Full-time students who fall below the nine credit minimum course load, required to maintain full-time status, must change their status to part-time. Part-time charges will replace full-time charges and any money that has been paid will be transferred to the new charges. Any excess payment will be refunded according to University refund policies. Please note that those enrolling as full-time students may not withdraw from the University as part-time students during the first week of University-wide classes, without incurring the 10% penalty.